Gorilla Wear Mitchell Training Gloves - Black

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Mitchell Training Gloves - Black

Use these Gorilla Wear high quality workout gloves to improve your grip and move mountains with ease! It`s time to show the people that you are a member of the GORILLA WEAR family where you can choose between colors Black/Pink and Black/Red.

About Gorilla Wear
Since the 80’s Gorilla Wear is a legendary American worldwide bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle brand “for the motivated”. Every style of apparel is designed for motivated and demanding athletes everywhere in the World. It is unique, it will fit, it will not break down and it will give you the authentic and individual look your body deserves!

Color: Black 
Quality:40% leather, 20% rubber, 20% nylon, 20% cotton 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
simon taylor
Superior grip

Very well made gloves, top quality

Peter Bow
Great Gloves

Thought I would give it a few months of use before writing a review...
These arrived just as I was about to workout at home so put them on straight away and off I went. Big mistake. Straight out of the packet they were very stiff and after my first workout my hands were sore. Gave it a few days, used them again and much better. Once worn in, they are very comfortable with padding in all the right places. The calluses on my hands have gone down considerably since using these and I have always used weight training gloves. They are well made and seem like they will last me years. I will definitely buy these again when the time comes for a new pair. Next time, I will break them in first by just wearing them around the house before actually using them for weight training.