About Us

At Gymstop, we only have one goal: Affordable Supplements. We purchase in bulk, so it would be rude not to pass the savings onto you. 

Our goal is to become the biggest online fitness superstore in Europe- a bit of a challenge, but our team think it is possible as we are already one of the largest supplement retailers in East Sussex. 


The History of Gymstop

Gymstop started in 2016, it was originally called something different when it was first planned to launch, but the name was quickly changed to Gymstop. We first started selling basic stringers online, and quickly noticing the demand for supplements, so we branched out.

Early 2017 we moved from a kitchen (a literal kitchen) into our own little warehouse, by little it was a similar size to a standard garage.

During 2017 Gymstop grew from 1 to 3 orders per day to over 30 a day. We dispatched 7 days a week, focusing on getting orders to customers quickly and without any hassle. December 2017 we shipped just over 1000 orders! Our busiest month yet and it only got busier.

Early 2018 we started looking for a bigger warehouse, started to develop partnerships with our suppliers to offer better prices to our customers, and joining new partnerships with suppliers to offer the products in high demand. We launched websites in Ireland and Germany, while planning on other European countries.

At the start of 2019, we moved into an even bigger warehouse and distribution center, partnered up with couriers to provide better services across the world, including Germany, France and Ireland.

Mid 2019, we are currently looking for an even bigger warehouse to help us expand!

End of 2019, we are currently looking for a bigger warehouse which will cope with our growth - this is a bigger struggle than expected, as we do not like to keep moving around. We are also investing more into our back-end system, which you will not necessarily see!

Jump forward to 2021, and wow what a crazy 14 months it has been! We've expanded into a bigger space (taking on vacant units around us), we closed our EU & German website to focus on our UK and IE domains (our bread and butter). We've hired a few more people, we've invested into our backend systems, stock levels and our employees.

Early 2022, the last year has gone extremely quickly with global pandemics, increasing prices and staff shortages we have still managed to grow past our expectations and cannot thank you all enough. This year we have employed more staff in our offices and warehouse, invested into a new shipping software to make the most efficient shipping choice possible. We are also in the process of opening our very first shop in Bexhill-On-Sea (our home town). We never wanted to be a "Bricks & Mortar" type of business, however during COVID-19 we saw the demand in our local area, and increased local collections & deliveries so jumped to the opportunity. If you are in the area, pop down have an energy drink with us!

You'll need to watch this space, to see what happens next!




We (Gymstop Group Limited) are a Registered Company in the United Kingdom, and our Registered Company No. is 10858621. Our VAT No. is 316 0847 14.