Battle Oats Battle Bites 1 x 62g

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Battle Bites are high protein, low sugar, guilt free triple layered indulgent chocolate snack. Each Bite-sized piece is made in our family-run bakery in the UK. Battle Bites are a convenient way to consume additional protein throughout the day without adding unwanted sugar.


Battle Bites snapshot:
  • 20g protein per bar (10g protein per bite-size piece)
  • 114 kcals per bite
  • Low sugar – 1.5g per bite
  • 1.5g impact carbs
  • Covered in a low sugar milk chocolate
  • Tastes like a chocolate candy bar (with benefits)
  • 2x protein bites per bar, great for sharing and portion control.
  • GMO Free
  • Made in the UK

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Jo Devlin

    The Battle Bites Caramel Pretzel are delicious, definitely the best flavour and the service received by Gym Shop is excellent

    Gina Jackson
    Better than Grenade

    I always thought Carb Killers we’re the tastiest on the market until I had Battle Bites- very nice and actually taste like a treat (not just like sweetener).
    Faultless service from Gymstop