Barebells Protein Bar 12 x 55g

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The Cookies & Cream bar is sure to satisfy any crazy, creamy craving. Nothing is more classic than cookies and cream, adapted from the most loved cookie in American history. Because for some reason, carrots just aren’t as satisfying as chocolate.

Tired of eating bars that feel and taste like cardboard? In a blind taste test, this Caramel-Cashew protein bar won over the leading candy bars!  This bar is far too gooey and chocolaty to compare to anything but the most decadent of desserts; and yet it has 20g of protein! Staying fit has never been this delicious.

The Coconut-Choco bar is absolutely exploding with coconut flavor, wrapped in creamy milk chocolate and smothered in real coconut flakes. Because you shouldn’t have to fight an endless battle between eating what you love, and having abs.


Milk protein, milk chocolate (18.5%), (sweeteners: Maltitol, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier: soy lecithins, flavorings) glycerin, isomalto-oligosaccharides, collagen peptides, water, cashew (5.5%), white chocolate (4.5%) (with milk), peanut butter, palm fat, reduced fat cocoa powders, flavorings, sweeteners sucralose, acesulfame K.

Nutritional Values:

Caramel Cashew

Nutrition Facts Per 55 g
ENERGY 831 kJ/199 kcal
FAT 7,9 g, saturated fat 4 g
CARBOHYDRATE 14 g, sugars 1,8 g
FIBER 4,4 g
SALT 0,1 g
Coconut Choco

Nutrition Facts Per 55 g
ENERGY 832 kJ/199 kcal
FAT 7,7 g, saturated fat 5,1 g
CARBOHYDRATE 15 g, sugars 1,6 g
FIBER 4,7 g
SALT 0,15 g
Cookies & Cream

Nutrition Facts Per 55 g
ENERGY 819 kJ/196 kcal
FAT 12 g, saturated fat 7 g
CARBOHYDRATE 16 g, sugars 1,7 g
FIBER 4,4 g
SALT 0,1 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
A Bunny
Great protein hit.

Salty Peanut definitely the best flavour, low sugar, high protein, I’ve used as a meal replacement for successful weight loss and also
great to grab a bite of a bar kept in a coat pocket whilst on the go throughout the day, to increase protein intake and to keep feeling full longer so poor choices are not quickly made without thought when returning home hungry.

Kyle Thompson
Best protein bars

I love the barbell protein bars they aren’t to chewy and have loads of flavour

Brett Long
Fudge and nougat

Both are very nice. Received with at least 6 months before bbd/ubd. Would never buy these full price and here they are reasonable for how great quality these bars are (no cheap soy protein!)

Judith Crawford

These bars are beautiful,I love them. Really lemony and they have a nice texture. Though at their normal price they are a bit dear but a lovely treat!

David Hall
Lemon curd protein bars

Really tasty and filling