Applied Nutrition ISO-XP 1kg

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ISO-XP is a high protein supplement with sweetener and by far the cleanest and highest quality Whey Protein Isolate available, with only 0.1g Lactose and 22.5g protein per 25g serving. ISO-XP has NO SOY added and instead uses Sunflower Lecithin as the Emulsifier.


ISO-XP is ideal for anyone looking to increase daily protein intake without any additional fats, carbohydrate or sugars. ISO-XP should be mixed with water or skimmed milk for easy mixing and great taste..

 - 0g Sugar (per 25g serving)
 - 0g Carbs (per 25g serving)
 - 0.1g Lactose (per 25g serving)
 - 0g Soya
 - 0g Fat (per 25g serving)
 - Gluten free
 - 22.5g Protein (per 25g serving)
 - Easy mixing
 - Whey Produced from Grass Fed Cows
 - Halal Certified Product

Customer Reviews

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Sam Udall
One of the best protiens I've had

I've been using protien for 10 years
This has to be the best tasting stuff ever, had the choco beuno flavour.

I stop using whey concentrate when I'm on low cals for a bodybuilding show because it plays up with my stomach. But this stuff never does with it being isolate. Great tasting, mixes well and does the job 10 out of 10 from me