USN Nature's Energy Bar

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What is the USN Nature’s Energy Bar?
A natural snack aimed at giving you that extra boost to help your fitness challenge. USN’s Nature’s Energy Bar provides a great tasting and convenient bar.

Providing you with a nutritious and delicious snack, our bars are ideal for those looking for that extra energy boost during their training.

What are the benefits?
We wanted to create a natural bar but still maintain the high levels of nutrition our customers expect from USN.

Comprised of 17% protein our natural energy bars also provide a healthy supply of fibre and carbohydrates.

This means when you’re feeling like your running low on a long bike ride and your muscles start to ache, our natural energy bars will provide you with the energy to keep going.

The delicious bars also contain a great supply of provide to help your muscles recover and rebuild after along training session – meaning less achy muscles the next day.

Is this product for me?
Our great tasting bars are ideal for anyone looking to get a natural boost of energy during their fitness training.