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You will receive a free tub of unflavoured L-Glutamine, and a free shaker with every 2.3kg tub purchased.

100% whey professional
 is a product intended for all types of athletes wishing to increase their daily protein ration. 100% whey professiona of scitec nutritionl is the source of protein reference for building muscle . It is intended for all those who wish to enrich their diet with a quality protein . Indeed, 100% whey professional is a source of highly assimilable protein and very digestible, specially studied for dry weight gain , muscle definition phases and also for themuscle recovery . This whey assimilates in less than 30 minutes, making it the protein of choice to meet the fast protein needs: at sunrise, before exercise and after exercise.


WHEY Once consumed, Scitec Nutrition's 100% whey releases its amino acids into the muscle cells, which react immediately, causing unprecedented anabolism . This whey contains little lactose and almost no fat, which makes it a very low caloric product and perfectly suited to the phases of muscle definition or diet hypo caloric and hyperprotein . Also, 100% whey professional contains a matrix of amino acids designed to improve protein synthesis . Thus, this product allows anabolismeven more than with a traditional whey. And that's not all ! 100% whey professional contains digestive enzymes (Bromelain and Papaine) to facilitate the digestion of whey and further increase its anabolic power, for even more muscle building. 
In summary:
- Fast release of amino acids 
- Promotes muscle building and dry weight gain 
- Suitable for muscle definition phases 
- Enriched with digestive enzymes for optimal digestibility 
- Delicious taste

The whey is a source of protein for rapid assimilation. In fact, we advise you to consume your whey at the times when your muscles need it most: at sunrise, before a workout and immediately after a workout.  100% whey professional by Scitec Nutrition is perfectly diluted in water, but you can also choose vegetable milks (almonds, oats or rice) to obtain an even more creamy whey. 

Whey protein concentrate (derived from emulsifying milk: soy lecithin) containing fractions of lactoglobulin, lactoferrin, lactalbumin and immunoglobulin. Taurine, flavors, dextrose, sodium chloride, l-glutamine, thickener (xanthan gum), sweeteners (acesufame K and sucralose), l-leucine, whey protein extract, bromelain extract (pineapple comosus 1200 GDU), extract of papain (Carica papaya 1.5 FIP U / mg)



Training days:

Dilute a dose of 30g of 100% professional whey in 200ml of water. Drink at sunrise, before and after your workout. 
Days without training:
Dilute a dose of 30g of 100% whey professional in 200ml of water. To be consumed at sunrise and in the afternoon between the two main meals.

Precautions for use:

- Respect advice for use 
- Keep out of reach of children 
- To consume as part of a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle 
- Product not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women 
- To keep in a cool place, to protected from moisture 

Preparation for high protein drinks

Allergen Information:
Produced in a workshop using milk, soy and egg proteins, gluten and peanuts