ProSupps Hyde Cherry Limeade Max Pump Stimulant Free 280g - Short Dated & Caked

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Please note- this product is caked, and will need to be broken up by a fork or blended before use.

Pro Supps Dr. Jekyll Stimulant Free 101: Pro Supps is known and famous for their legendary pre-workouts. Starting off with the stimulant heavy Mr. Hyde, this is his partner in Dr. Jekyll which is stimulant free boosting your focus, performance and pump

Key Benefits

Promotes Prolonged Training Endurance
Supports Increased Blood Flow for Maximum Pumps & Muscle Volume
Enhanced by Adaptogens to Maximize Performance and Improve Recovery
Promotes Thermogenesis
Stimulant-free, caffeine-free, zero sugar, zero carbs, no proprietary blends
Informed Choice Certified. Banned Substance Tested

Ingredients Explained

800mg of nooLVL
Enhances and optimizes blood flow for improved, focus, muscle pumps, nutrient delivery and endurance. 

125mg Sensoril
Unlike standard ashwaghanda, it is a highly extracted form from both leaves and stems. Its adaptogenic characteristics improves training response and promotes healthy stress management support. 

150mg CelastrusPaniculatis
A powerful nootropic ingredient comprised of several bioactive compounds which improve cognition and focus. 
Please note - this product is caked, and will need to be broken up by a fork or blended before use.

150mg Alpinia Galanga
With its high anti-oxidant characteristics, it has been shown to support healthy cognition and sustained focus. 

30mg Afromomum Melegueta (aka Grains of Paradise)
Having similar bioactive and anti-oxidant compounds to ginger, it has been shown to support enhanced thermogenesis. 

200mg Lion's Mane Powder
From the mushroom family and named by its appearance, it contains several bioactive compounds that have been shown to improve cognition and focus. 

1.6g Beta Alanine
Increased training endurance, delayed onset of exercise-induced fatigue, increased power output and recovery rate. 

1.5g Creatine Hydrochloride (aka Creatine HCL)
May help improve training endurance. 

250mg L-Tyrosine
Helps support healthy cognition & stress management. 

5mg Black Pepper Extract
Helps promote enhanced product utilization, when paired with other active ingredients. 

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