Jim Buddy's Protein Donuts - Chocolate Orange

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This product is kept frozen in our warehouse and delivered at ambient conditions.

  • The donuts can be stored frozen with a six-month shelf life, denoted by the ‘best before’ date.
  • Once defrosted they should be consumed within 5 days like any regular donut. 
  • They have been certified safe for 20+ days on shelf, but we recommend 5 days for quality control and organoleptic consistency. 


Been searching all your life for a truly guilt-free, fresh-baked protein donut but have been left jaded, frustrated, empty-handed and long-faced? DO-Nut worry! Our good friend, Jim Buddy, has got your back!

Jim Buddy's Protein Donuts (or 'Pronuts', if you will!) deliver a selection of delicious, classic flavours, delivered entirely guilt-free, perfected in the Jim Buddy Bakery by Jim's own burly hands!

All Jim Buddy donuts marry a soft, moist ring donut with a generous iced-topping and are only made with carefully selected premium ingredients that wouldn't be out of place on the most fanatical of 'clean' diets! Even better, they come in at a very macro-friendly 99kcals or less a donut, no added sugar, low net carbs and up to 10g protein each!!

Get yourself a selection at Protein Pick and Mix today! Whether you want to try all the amazing flavours - from Peanut Butter through to Chocolate Orange and Banana Cinnamon - or maybe just stick to a bunch of each...just add 'em to your Mix!! Make it your very own mixed selection of delicious handmade protein doughnuts!!

Grab a bit of whatever you fancy...The choice is, literally, yours!