IdealLean Protein Shake - Butterscotch, 900g

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Having helped create IdealLean Protein from the beginning, our amazing female of fitness, Trainer Lindsey brings you our moreish Butterscotch Protein! Deliciously smooth, bursting with creamy toffee flavours and will keep the sweet cravings at bay. Stock up on your guilt-free sugar fix for a limited time only!

Product Features

  • 23g of protein Whey Protein
  • Isolate Low Fat
  • Low Sugars
  • 103 calories per scoop
  • Vitamin D, Folic Acid, Calcium
  • Biotin for healthy-looking skin and hair

What is the benefit of whey protein isolate?

Unlike most protein shakes on the market using whey protein concentrates, we use whey protein isolate, a purer form of whey that contains a higher protein content with less fats and sugars.

Whey protein isolate also contains a much lower lactose content than whey protein concentrates, making it easier for your body to digest – say goodbye to the bloat.