FitMark The Shield

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With its sweet design, high quality materials and innovative function, FitMark™ The Shield takes meal management bags to the next level. The perfect solution that makes it simple for you to eat nutritiously around work, the gym, travel and other commitments. The ultimate health management system? It’s in The Sheild!

Product Highlights

The Shield is lightweight and portable, made with high-grade, durable ballistic nylon/polyester, and complete with a heavy-duty strap padded strap that is removable.
It has a pivoted, swivel-action divider in the centre – a design feature which ensures compact and steadfast organisation.
Arrange your meals using the three large, seal-tight containers. Includes two high quality cooler (ice) packs, which help to keep food fresher for longer.
The patented shaker has additional, customised dispensers for capsules and training powders. Expandable, exterior pockets provide allocated space for your water bottle, protein bars and fruit.
The food containers and shaker are BPA free.
There's even a place to hang your keys! The exterior at the back includes a luggage connector and sleeve for your diary, book and/magazine.
At the front, there’s a space for your purse/wallet and other essentials.
The Shield Dimensions: Length: 12.5" x Width: 8.5" x Depth: 9.5"; capacity: 1009 cubic inches.
Has an iterior label with inspirational design.
Available in three colours.