Fit4Day Protein Pizza Mix 250g

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Pizza and healthy eating don't go together?

But! With the Fit4Day Protein Pizza Baking Mix you can prepare a wonderfully crispy low carb and high protein pizza yourself without much effort. The bag of pizza dough is enough for a whole baking sheet and Fit4Day also offers a protein sauce for pizza and pasta.

The pizza and with a low-fat topping such as tuna, tomatoes and light mozzarella is absolutely suitable for fitness - just try it, you will be amazed.

  • delicious protein pizza dough to bake yourself
  • high protein content of 33%
  • carb reduced *
  • high fiber content
  • vegetarian
  • Easy to prepare
  • To go with it: Fit4Day Protein Sauce for pizza and pasta

* Reduced carbohydrate content - approx. 35% fewer carbohydrates than conventional pizza dough


Wheat flour (contains gluten), wheat protein
(contains gluten), pumpkin seed protein,
Sunflower seed protein, milk protein (from milk),
Soy flour, dry yeast, salt, oat flour (contains
Gluten), protein-enriched whey powder (from
Milk), emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides from
Fatty acids), whey protein concentrate (from
Contains potential allergens: gluten, soy and milk
(contains lactose). May contain traces of egg protein

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