Dr Zak's High Protein Bread

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Wholemeal flour and providing a hefty +30g of protein per serving (2 slices) - massive 14 slices per loaf.

The best bit? It actually tastes like gorgeous bread, not cardboard but proper, freshly made bread. You will receive a minimum of 14 slices per loaf and when kept at room temperature it will stay fresh for up to 8 days, or you can freeze for 3 months.

Plus, this tasty bread has just 0.9g sat fat per 100g and 23g of carbs - significantly less than store bread.

Pricey compared to normal bread? Well, you wouldn't compare the cost of a chocolate bar to a protein bar, so you shouldn't compare the cost of this delicious bread with high carb, high fat, low protein traditional bread!

In fact, our Protein Bread is better value than Protein Shakes and Protein Bars on a per gram of protein basis. At the current offer price, just 18.6p per 10 gram of protein compared to £1.00 per 10 gram for Protein Bars and 71p for Protein Shakes (premixed).

Protein Bread was developed by 4 times UKBFF, 2 times Jay Cutler Classic Champion bodybuilder, Dr Zak, with a team of nutritionists and one of Britain's most trusted bakeries.