Dr Zak's Cinnamon and Raisin Bagel

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In the beginning, Dr Zak’s created Protein Bread and Pasta. Then they said, “Let there be bagels,” and the multi-grain Protein Bagel was born…

NOW? There’s a new bagel in town and it’s full of cinnamon, raisin brilliance – not to mention a load of muscle building protein and +20% fewer carbs than your usual high street bagel bite!

Freshly baked right here in Britain using British wholemeal flour and fortified with Dr Zak’s premium protein blend of the finest protein isolates, these bangin’ bagels taste just like the real deal, but with:

24g protein
36g slow burning carbs
280 calories
4.9g fibre
They’re anything but average…

That’s officially a HIGH source of protein, a source of fibre and a great source of carbs to help you refuel and re-energise.

Spot on for breakfast or post workout when you need a tasty protein source fast (and protein shakes just ain’t gonna’ cut the mustard)!

Plus, because these bagels will arrive with you fresh and ready to use, you can enjoy them straight from the pack, toasted or even freeze them for later use.

AMAZING right?!

Utterly mouth-watering, these brill bagels taste immense served toasty style with lashings of peanut butter or some smoked salmon and creamy low fat cheese – yam yam…