Dr Zak's Barn Fed Liquid Egg Whites 12x1L

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When it comes to high-quality protein, there are few more pure or beneficial sources than the egg.

Gone are the days of separating egg whites from the yolk, with the introduction of our Barn Farmed Liquid Egg Whites in a convenient 1kg bottle. To add to the convenience, you do not need to store them in the fridge until opened due to a patent protected pasteurisation process! Just think of the fridge space you’ll save!

And to make sure you’re getting only the finest quality, our egg whites contain absolutely zero preservatives, leaving you with 100% liquid egg whites and nothing else!

So whether you are creating an omelette, mega protein shake, or just adding them into your whiskey sour cocktail for some down time, Dr Zak's Liquid Egg Whites are the perfect solution.