CNP Pro Porridge 2kg

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Fuel up your body to the max with CNP Porridge. This warm tasty breakfast delivers a great source of carbohydrate, protein and performance specific vitamins.
Pro Porridge boasts a full 30g of high quality Oats, which supply your body with a sustainable carbohydrate source, flooding your system with energy.

The Pro Porridge contains a huge 100% NRV of Vitamin B12, which facilitates energy metabolism and the formation of red blood cells.

10g of Milk Protein Concentrate gives a long lasting protein release, for muscle development and maintenance.

Added Magnesium facilitates energy metabolism, reduces fatigue and contributes to electrolyte balance within the muscle.

Flaxseed supplies a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids and fibre, making the Pro Porridge a seriously performance centred breakfast!