CNP Pro Health & Immune 120 Capsules

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What is Pro Health & Immune?
CNP Pro Health & Immune is a high strength multivitamin, mineral and antioxidant formula designed to support the health, wellbeing and immune function of those that regularly participate in intense training and competition. Athletes have an increased need for macronutrients, beyond that which it is reasonable to consume from whole foods alone. Pro Health & Immune is the perfect macronutrient support for the serious athlete.

Developed for athletes
Supports immune function post workout
120 capsules

What nutrients are the key nutrients in Pro Health & Immune?
Pro Health & Immune is packed with 15 vital macronutrients including vitamin C to support immune function, B vitamins to boost energy metabolism and vitamin D and zinc to support muscle and immune function, protein synthesis and normal blood testosterone levels.

Why is Pro Health & Immune better than other multivitamins for athletes?
Each four capsule daily dose provides higher levels of the key nutrients than you might expect from a standard, off-the-shelf multivitamin supplement. This is because standard multivitamins are aimed to support the nutritional needs of the average male or female, not those who are regularly active. As activity levels increase our requirement levels of the vital macronutrients also increase. Pro Health & Immune has been specially formulated to support high activity levels.

Why is immune support important for athletes?
Studies have also shown that after intense training immune function can fall. This is due to the release of free radicals which are produced as a by-product of intense muscular activity. Pro Health and Immune delivers a specific blend of nutrients to support immune function in the post workout window, including vitamins B6, B12, C, D and Zinc.