Chaos Crew Bring The Chaos Pre-Workout

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CHAOS CREW provide a 100% transparent supplement label that fully discloses the dose of each active ingredient. Zero proprietary blends means you know what you’re getting in each and every scoop.

This pre-workout has been designed to amp you up and get you ready for your greatest fight yet. Expect to crush through PB’s when using this product and even get an edge on fat burning if you are on a diet plan.

When you use Bring The Chaos By Chaos Crew, you’ll experience:

  • Improved focus and mental energy, which will give you the stamina you need to complete even the most grueling of workout sessions
  • Improved natural energy levels that leave you feeling like you can tackle your workout head on. No more dragging yourself into the gym. You’ll be pumped and ready to give it your all.
  • Enhanced muscular endurance. Bring The Chaos ensures that you won’t quit until it’s time to quit.
  • Increased release of fatty acids as a fuel source, which will help to ramp up your overall rate of fat oxidation at every single workout
  • Improved muscle pumps, which will help keep you more motivated when you’re in the gym
  • Increased blood flow to and from the muscle tissues, which will deliver more nutrients and oxygen, thus preventing fatigue build-up
  • Decreased levels of soreness after each workout session

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
10/10 workout, questionable side effects

Bought this for the gyms opening back up in November. Couldn't feel it after 15 minutes and so went and scooped two more as I wanted a good first workout. Mistake. I'm surprised I'm still alive tbh, the toilet became my best friend during that session. Workout could of lasted a day- no crash.
However, even when single scooping my personal problems began- suffered with something the industry calls stimd*ck, couldn't use my piece when it was called upon- Mrs weren't happy. Also kept waking up at 5 in the morning and couldn't get back.
Overall if looking to buy legal equivalent of cocaine to use in the gym this is were you should be.

Good Taste, Ok to use at night, Crashed me hard

I look 1/2 a scoop, which is normal for my pre-work intake, I am an infrequent user but I have a lot of different ones depending on what I want.
This tastes ok. I look it at 4pm and at 8pm I could not keep my eyes open I had crashed so hard.
I was hoping for a better mood elevation but nonetheless it's not the worst I have tried.


OK still think the stuff great! But I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be legal 😂😂 zero sleep! Still buzzed after 14 hours? ..... 😂 maybe 1/10 of the dosage next time!


I took thus shit over 3/4 hours ago and I’m still wanting to go! Lol I can’t stop 😂 I might be a lightweight but if anyone gets this start with half a scoop! Brilliant shit!


Can’t say enough good things about this product! After working nightshift it’s often hard to get going, well this pre got me going! It doesn’t just hit you all at once, it’s a gradual release, “the more you lift, the more you come alive”. You don’t get those pre gitters, the focus is unreal, the pump is unreal, you’ll finish your workout wanting more, for sure a powerhouse pre that should be in every lifter’s arsenal

10 out of 10