Body Attack Low Carb Protein Pizza Kit 157g - Out of Date

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  • Low Carb Pizza
  • Pizza dough for self-mixing
  • Rich in protein 38g/100g
  • Less carbohydrate 5.9g / 100g

    During a diet, the athletes try to take as less carbohydrates as possible to effectively burn fat. This is crucial, for example, for bodybuilders during the toning phase. Low-carb products can be helpful here with their low levels of sugar. This is because bodybuilders rely on reducing weight during a diet, while preserving the muscle mass at the same time. A low-carb diet like the Body Attack Low Carb* Pizza, should be especially rich in protein to prevent the body from resorting to protein for energy storage.

    The Body Attack Low Carb Pizza is best suited to a low-carb diet. The dough contains only 5.9 g per 100 g carbohydrates, but 38 g protein. The finished pizza dough has a nutritional value of 355 calories per 100 g and can, therefore, be safely taken during a diet. Besides the almond flour and wheat protein, the ingredients of the dough also include milk protein, egg white protein powder and iodised salt. It provides the body with 19.4 g fat, 2 g of which are saturated fats. In addition, the dough contains 1.9 g salt and 2.8 g dietary fibres.

    The product Body Attack Low Carb Pizza is suitable for any kind of diet or in general, as part of a conscious low carb diet. Amateurs and professionals in athletic sports can benefit from the pizza same as endurance athletes and other athletes who want to pay attention to a small proportion of sugar in their diet.

    How is the Body Attack Low Carb Pizza baked?

    Body Attack Low Carb Pizza should be rolled out thinly and evenly on a tray lined with baking paper and can be topped according to taste. The baking time is 25 to 30 minutes at a temperature of 200 °C.

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