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Biltong is dried, cured meat from South Africa; the word ‘biltong’ originates from the Dutch words ‘bil’, meaning rump or hindquarter, and ‘tong’, meaning ‘strip’. 

Indigenous peoples from South Africa, such as the Khoikhoi, found that slicing the meat into strips, curing it with salt, and hanging it up to dry was an effective way of preserving the meat. European settlers arrived to Southern Africa in the early 17th century, and experimented with the curing process, bringing in vinegar, saltpetre and spices including pepper, coriander and cloves.

We only ever use top quality, 100% British & Irish beef silverside, made with recipes that have been honed over the years, to make our award-winning biltong. No messing, just the very best we can do. This commitment to quality and the highest standards for our products, is why we only use the finest herbs and spices. The very best, always!




Peppered Steak - 220g of beef used for every 100g of biltong, salt, coriander, distilled spirit vinegar, garlic, chilli, nutmeg, pepper, preservatives (sodium nitrate & potassium sorbate). 
Peri Peri - as per the Peppered Steak Ingredient list above, just with more chilli and garlic 
Garlic - as per the Peppered Steak Ingredient list above, but more garlic 
Habanero Chilli - as per the Peppered Steak Ingredient list above, but with more crushed habanero chilli 
BBQ - as per the Peppered Steak Ingredient list above, but to get that distinctive BBQ flavour, we have added, paprika, brown sugar and smoke flavouring 
Teriyaki - as per the Peppered Steak Ingredient list, and including paprika, brown sugar, onion, yeast extract, cassia, ginger, tomato and citric acid. 

Typical nutritional values p/100g p/35g  
Energy kJ 1,242 435  
Energy kcal 294 103  
Fat 4 1.5  
Saturates 2 0.6  
Carbohydrate 3 1.1  
Sugars 1 0.3  
Protein 61.9 21  
Salt 4.2 1.5