Barebells Protein Coconut Dream Pudding 200g

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Barebells Protein Puddings are a protein-rich, ready-to-eat pudding with chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and coconut flavours!

A spoon comes included in the lid!

 - Full pudding consistency and incredible taste
 - Can be stored at room temperature.
 - Low amount of carbohydrates and calories
 - High protein content.
 - Smart pulled spoon in the lid.
 - Barbell's Protein Pudding is low lactose and contains 20 grams of protein per package. Of course without added sugar. 
 - The product can be eaten, but the consistency will be the best when it's cooled!

Barbells puddings are functional snacks that you can enjoy with good conscience.


These taste soooooo good. #gamechanger



Nutrion Facts per 100 g (per 200g)

ENERGY 308 kJ (616 kJ)/73,6 kcal (147,2 kcal)
FAT 1,6 g (3,2 g), saturated fat 1,1 g (2,2 g)
CARBOHYDRATE 4,8 g (9,6 g), sugars 4,5 g (9 g)
PROTEIN 10 g (20 g)
SALT 0,13 g (0,26 g)