PhD Nutrition Growth Factor 50 Bars Box of 12

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PhD Nutrition’s Growth Factor 50 is the world’s first high protein, muscle building chocolate brownie. With an amazing 50 grams of protein per brownie, along with PhD’s own slow burning carbohydrate ingredient: Waxy Vol, plus Glutamine Peptides, Growth factor 50 truly is a muscle-building phenomenon.

Growth Factor 50 does not contain an over abundance of Polyols, so the bar is very easy to digest without causing gastric discomfort. Growth Factor 50 also contains 6 grams of MCT oil per brownie to assist with the muscle building and mass gaining process. Containing a 2:1 Protein: Carbohydrate ratio, this product is ideal for those either looking to gain lean muscle mass, or strength and serious mass gain. Deliciously decadent and designed for serious athletes, what more could you ask for?